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given.  Before acting on suggestions from anyone, ostomates are advised to check with a doctor or stoma care nurse that the course of action is suitable

for them. Whilst every care is taken, the author will not be held responsible.




Trio Ostomy Care are pleased to announce the launch of two new products, which are next

generation developments.

         Trio Elite Adhesive Remover Spray And Wipes

Building on Trio’s legacy in this product category, they are launching a new silicone medical

adhesive remover spray with newly-designed actuator to allow the spray to be controlled for

longer-lasting use.  Using the latest bag-on-valve technology, this product sprays at any angle,

a full 360-degree capability for easier use.

For further information on Trio Elite or a free sample, please visit Trio’s website.  Alternatively,

email Trio at or telephone 0800 531 6280.

         Trio Elisse Silicone Skin Barrier Spray And Wipes

This product has an active ingredient to target sore, red and irritated skin.  It reduces itching

and calms sore skin, as well as providing a breathable barrier to protect peristomal skin against the

damaging effects of adhesives, body fluids and enzyme attack.  The spray features the same

technology as Trio Elite.

For further information on Trio Elisse or a free sample, please visit Trio’s website.  Alternatively,

email Trio at or telephone 0800 531 6280.


New Barrier Extender

X-tra Strips

Dansac Limited are pleased to announce that they have launched a new barrier extender -

X-tra Strips.  These are designed for those ostomates, who seek extra protection and security

around the edge of any skin barrier, and are a skin-friendly new option.  They are easy to fit,

even for those with uneven body shapes and contours.




Further details can be found on Dansac’s website,, where more information

is available and ostomates can request a free sample.

Alternatively, please telephone the Dansac Customer Service Team on 0800 581 117.











Sash Medical Limited are pleased to announce their new Low Dome Profile Stoma Shield.

Sash now have a choice of shield profiles, the Low Dome or the High Dome.  The Low Dome

shield, apart from being less obvious under clothing, is also less likely to be pushed aside by a car

seat belt, work, sports, gardening, etc.

Both High & Low Domed Shields are supplied with an elasticated belt, or if requested, can be

made for temporary attachment to the Sash Stoma Hernia Belt HB102.

Both shields are available on prescription as Sash Stoma Shield SS104 - preference does not need

noting on the script.  Please contact Sash for an order form with the facility to note your preference.


For further details, please phone Sash Medical on 01702 206 502 or 0800 389 3111,

or email





New Aura Convex

CliniMed are proud to announce a new range of one-piece convex pouches, which combine comfort

and security with medical grade Manuka honey for extra comfort.  Available as colostomy, ileostomy

and urostomy pouches, and in a range of pouch and plateau sizes, including a new 60 mm.

plateau in the colostomy and ileostomy range.  This is a versatile convex, designed to meet most convexity needs.  The flange moulds to the body, providing a reliable seal against leakage and, if

extra security is needed, there are integrated belt loops and an optional easy-to-use belt.




Further details for the range can be found on CliniMed’s website,, where

ostomates can request a free sample.

Alternatively, please telephone the CliniMed Careline team on 0800 036 0100.











New Night Drainage Bag

Peak Medical Ltd. are pleased to announce their new night drainage bag.  This two-litre

Night Drainage Bag is specifically designed to connect to their Uromate Urostomy Pouches, and is

now available on NHS prescription.

With a large two-litre capacity bag and extra long tubing (130 cm.), ostomates are guaranteed to

get a good night’s sleep without having to worry about emptying their urostomy pouch overnight.

Peak Medical’s Night Drainage Bag has many additional benefits including a non-return valve across

the entire width of the bag to ensure an unrestricted flow, controllable slide tap for easy emptying

and it is easy to clean enabling it to be used for several days.

To receive a complimentary sample of their new Night Drainage Bag, simply call Freephone

0800 652 0424, email or visit their website














Comfizz are pleased to announce their new stoma protection product.  They say - sometimes it is

wise to protect a stoma from unwanted forces such as contact sports, seat belts, jumping

dogs, boisterous toddlers, etc.  Even if an ostomate simply wants to lie on their tummy, the

Comfishield gives the protection an ostomate needs in the most comfortable way.

No straps  are required, simply Velcro the shield in place and go.  An ostomate has the freedom to

wear whatever garments they want with the Comfishield, but of course if an ostomate is doing

anything strenuous it is recommended they wear support to protect themselves from developing

a hernia.

For complete peace of mind, please contact Comfizz for up-to-date prices, and any new product

launch offers.  Please telephone 0113 266 2096, email or look at the

Comfizz website.