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Alive & Kicking

Rolf Benirschke

Amazon - Book

Amazon - Kindle

The true life story of how a National Football League player survived ulcerative colitis and ostomy surgery.  It is a story of faith, courage, family friends, determination and survival.

Rolf Benirschke was an up-and-coming place kicker for the San Diego Chargers, earning a reputation as one of the most accurate kickers in NFL history.  But then a little-understood intestinal illness turned his life upside down.

All Bagged Up

Grahame Howard

Grahame Howard - Book

Grahame Howard - Kindle

This is Grahame Howard’s account of suffering the debilitating ulcerative colitis for ten years, before undergoing stoma surgery for a permanent ileostomy.

Pain, humiliation, loss of dignity and anger were all part of the author’s life prior to being told he would need surgery for a colostomy.  Hardly had this begun to sink in, before the operation was changed to a permanent ileostomy leading to further psychological issues.

The book is autobiographical in style, but also gives the reader tips on what to expect prior to surgery, and how to live with a stoma and the many psychological battles.

Bag Lady - A Memoir

Sandra Benitez

Sandra Benitez - Book

‘Bag Lady’ is the poignant story of loss, illness and recovery - a woman's struggle with the chronic, debilitating disease of ulcerative colitis.  It chronicles how she coped with it before and after making the momentous decision to have an ileostomy and commit to wearing a plastic bag on her stomach for the rest of her life.



A - E

Another Bag, Another Day

Jo-Ann L. Tremblay

Jo-Ann L. Tremblay - Book

Jo-Ann L. Tremblay - eBook

Jo-Ann L. Tremblay - Kindle

Jo-Ann’s latest book, ‘Another Bag, Another Day’, is the sequel to ‘Better With A Bag Than In A Bag’. Jo-Ann, an ostomate, and Percy her life-sustaining stoma have co-written this funny, hopeful, yet inspirational and adventurous true-life account of their journey as they march to the beat of the recovery drum.  With all the power left in them, this story goes beyond survival to arrive at the gateway of a new world, a new life, a new normal.

Embracing Life -

Great Comebacks From Ostomy Surgery

Rolf Benirschke

Amazon - Book

‘Embracing Life’ is a follow-up resource to Rolf Benirschke's autobiography, ‘Alive & Kicking’, and ‘Great Comebacks From Ostomy Surgery’.  

After reading each of the twelve amazing comeback stories profiled in ‘Embracing Life’, anyone, who is going through the struggles of inflammatory bowel disease or facing ostomy surgery, will be inspired and encouraged, and most importantly will receive hope that they too can have their own personal comeback story.

Bedpan Banter -

Medical Stories Of Humour And Inspiration

Brenda Elsagher

Stomawise - Book

‘Bedpan Banter’, Medical Stories Of Humour And Inspiration, is an anthology consisting of stories from doctors, nurses, patients and caregivers.

Each story is either funny or uplifting and in some cases, both.  There are one hundred and one stories and eighty-one contributors.

Better With A Bag Than In A Bag

Jo-Ann L. Tremblay

Jo-Ann L. Tremblay - Book

Jo-Ann L. Tremblay - Kindle

Through humour and inspiration, this book is a remarkably-candid, first person account of arriving at the brink of death, undergoing surgery, survival and living with a colostomy.

Every year thousands of people the world over undergo colostomy surgery.  In 2011, Jo-Ann joined the ranks of ostomates, and now has a second chance at life.  A compelling tale that speaks to the human spirit within all of us.

But Man, Proud Man

John Robertshaw

Amazon - Kindle

An authentic and concise account of John Robertshaw’s own personal experiences.  He relates the true story of the period of his life with bowel cancer, which through treatment resulted in two permanent stomas, a colostomy and a urostomy.

After severe radiation damage, John’s already complicated life became intolerable.  He believes that enduring a normal life, skiing and living in a Spanish mountain environment, played an important part in his recovery. ‘But Man, Proud Man’ is his chronicle and thoughts.

The Colostomy: A Lifesaver

Donald J. Biggers, Sr.

Amazon - Book

The story of the author's life as a survivor of colorectal cancer, resulting in a permanent colostomy.  The book includes the system, which he developed for himself, leaving him pouch-free, allowing him to live the American Dream - life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Don’t Die Of Embarrassment -

Life After Colostomy And Other Adventures

Barbara Barrie

Amazon - Book

A remarkably candid and informative first-person account of surviving colon cancer and living after a colostomy.  A helpful guide for anyone facing this life-altering surgery.  

‘Don't Die of Embarrassment’ provides valuable information about the ostomy experience. The book gives essential information about the occurrence of colon cancer, its symptoms and treatment options.  A valuable guide for people learning to adjust to an altered lifestyle after surgery.  The experience became an adventure which, through courage and humour, brought new joys and a greater appreciation to the author’s life.

Duct Tape Won’t Stick To A Leaky Ostomy Bag -

One Man's Fight Against Crohn's Disease And Cancer

David H. Brantley

Amazon - Book

Amazon - Kindle

David H. Brantley’s first serious challenge came when his doctor told him it would be a miracle if he survived another six months.  Crohn’s Disease was simply taking too heavy a toll on his system.

Thirty years later, another doctor told him that he would have to open him up for surgery to determine the severity of his colorectal cancer. Even though it was worse than the doctor imagined, David persevered.

In this inspiring account about fighting Crohn’s and cancer, David looks back at the big dreams he had growing up, including becoming a successful actor and writer - and celebrates what he actually became best at - beating the odds.

Through the Crohn’s and cancer, he has kept fighting and learned that living out one’s dreams is not nearly as important as dreaming to live.  Of course, he’s made the journey easier by playing some Broadway tunes in the background.

If someone is struggling to overcome an obstacle that seems impossible, one can be inspired to keep fighting by joining David as he looks back at a lifelong struggle and the lessons he has learned in ‘Duct Tape Won’t Stick To A Leaky Ostomy Bag’.

Courage Takes Guts -

Lessons Learned From A Lost Colon

Lois Fink

Amazon - Book

Amazon - Kindle

‘You have Crohn’s disease’.

Those paralysing words are as clear today as they were back in 1966.  Lois was seventeen, sick, and no one was listening.  Doctors dismissed her severe diarrhoea, alarming weight loss, crippling abdominal pain, fevers, and arrested physical development as ‘nervousness’.  

When an emergency appendectomy finally revealed what had been tormenting her body for nearly two years, she started on a journey of self-discovery.  Soon, she would face the biggest decision of her life - let Crohn’s disease beat her, or take her life into her own hands.  Today, Lois is here to assure ostomates that they can live life to the fullest with an ostomy.

Awesome Ollie

Dawnette Meredith

Brittney Meredith

Amazon - Book

Amazon - Kindle

A rhyming story that follows Ollie through ostomy surgery, recovery and going home with his new stoma.

Awesome Ollie is a book written by Dawnette Meredith, who is an ostomate, and her daughter Brittney Meredith, who is a Gastrointestinal Nurse.

Ollie the bear has a message for every ostomate - everyone can do all that they set their minds to! With his new button, he swims, sings and plays. May his story encourage and brighten everyone’s days.

Bags Around The World

Jo-Ann L. Tremblay

Jo-Ann L. Tremblay - Book

Jo-Ann L. Tremblay - Kindle

Step into a journey through experience and transcend the normal limits of everyday life.  Join in the intellectual, emotional and physical pilgrimage to discover the meanings in and of our lives.  Be touched by the spirit of the fellowship of people around the world as we celebrate second chances at life.  

Better With A Bag Than In A Bag introduced Percy Stoma to the world.  Another Bag Another Day marched to the beat of the recovery drum.  Now, the newest book, Bags Around the World, a collection of Jo-Ann and Percy’s blogs from the Ostomy Factor over three years, transports us to the far reaches of our everyday human experiences and life adventures.

Join Percy Stoma and Jo-Ann L. Tremblay as they explore, muse and contemplate the life of ostomates and non-ostomates, in our challenging life experiences as humans on planet Earth.