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Kitchen Table Wisdom -

Stories That Heal

Dr. Rachel Remen

Amazon - Book

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Dr. Rachel Remen has a unique perspective on healing rooted in her background as a physician, a professor of medicine, a therapist, and a long-term survivor of chronic illness.  In a deeply moving and down-to-earth collection of true stories, this prominent physician shows life in all its power and mystery, and reminds us that the things we cannot measure may be the things that ultimately sustain and enrich our lives.



J - O

Leading A Support Group -

A Practical Guide

Keith Nichols

John Jenkinson

Amazon - Book

Amazon - Kindle

The use of support groups in healthcare has great potential and is beginning to grow in practice. This book is proving very popular, and demonstrates the success of the conversational/tutorial approach in teaching the basic skills of running support groups.

The Little Book Of Kitchen Table Wisdom

Dr. Rachel Remen

Amazon - Book

As a physician, a professor of medicine, a therapist, and a long-term survivor of chronic illness, Dr. Rachel Remen, author of the inspirational classic ‘Kitchen Table Wisdom’, has a unique perspective on healing.  Here are the passages, quotes, and stories from ‘Kitchen Table Wisdom’, which have profoundly affected her legions of fans.  The result is a guide to inner healing that everyone will cherish, and such spiritual issues as suffering, meaning, love, faith, and miracles that everyone can learn from and live by.


Living With A Stoma

Dr. Craig A. White

Amazon - Book

Amazon - Kindle

Dr. Craig White is a clinical psychologist, who has worked with many stoma patients and talked to them about their fears and anxieties.

In this book he explains in clear, straightforward terms all aspects of living with a stoma, including ways to feel more comfortable with it, and helps ostomates overcome any embarrassment they may feel in talking to doctors and other healthcare professionals, in order to get the best possible help and support.

Living Well With An Ostomy

Elizabeth Rayson

Amazon - Book

Amazon - Kindle

While there is no doubt that getting an ostomy is a life-changing experience, it does not have to define your life.  In fact, many people who have had ostomy surgery, say that their surgery marked the start of a new, more expansive phase in their lives.

This comprehensive and easy-to-understand guide covers the practical aspects of ostomy care. Ostomates will also learn how to cope with the significant changes to your body that affect everything from travelling, dressing, playing sports, eating favourite foods and enjoying romantic and sexual relationships.  And one will also easily relate to the personal narratives throughout that illuminate many of the challenges, which ostomates face.


The Ostomy Life


Dave Matthew Jordan

Amazon - Book

Amazon - Kindle

Dave Matthew Jordan received ostomy surgery when he was three weeks old.  He has learned a lot about himself and ostomies along the way.

‘The Ostomy Life’ is an easy-to-understand guide to living with an ostomy and taking care of it. Topics include playing sports, travelling, eating habits, exercise, intimacy and much more.  ‘The Ostomy Life’ also covers basic care techniques, what to expect after surgery, raising a child who has an ostomy, how to buy supplies, and what to say to friends and significant others when it is time to tell them you have an ostomy.

The Ostomy Book -

Living Comfortably With Colostomies, Ileostomies And Urostomies

Barbara Dorr Mullen

Kerry Anne McGinn

Amazon - Book

The Ostomy Book’ is written by a mother and her daughter, and serves as a complete but easy-to-read handbook about ostomy surgeries, ostomy care and the good life, which is possible with an ostomy.  Just as importantly, it presents a moving and heartwarming account of the entire experience of having an ostomy.

The book provides complete information on everything from the details of surgery to rehabilitation, and the eventual management of the appliances, which are needed by patients.

On Eagle’s Wings

Gail Parker

Amazon - Book

Amazon - Kindle

The inspirational life of Annie Stites, Crohn's survivor and ostomate.

Pain was her constant companion - but it did not define her.  Meet Annie - animal lover - compassionate teacher - avid sailor - charity founder - ostomate - Crohn's fighter.  With her soul mate and husband, Glenn, and their menagerie of rescued animals at her side, she lived life to the fullest, in spite of severe Crohn's disease.  Throughout her lifetime, Annie had twenty-eight surgeries and the majority of her bowels removed, resulting in an ostomy.  She endured months at a time of no eating and no drinking, receiving all of her nutrition through an IV.  

Over one million Americans suffer from some form of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), a group of chronic, life-long conditions including Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis.  For many, a diagnosis is accompanied by a loss of freedom, loss of sexuality and loss of hope.  But, take it from Annie, it does not have to be.  Whether a sufferer of a chronic medical condition or are the picture of health, Annie's story offers valuable lessons on how to tap into the power found in laughter, love and faith.

Gail Parker always enjoyed writing, but never imagined she would end up writing a book.  She realized Annie’s life story simply needed to be told and spent five years collecting memories and working on the manuscript that became this book.


Loo Rolls To Lycra

Caroline Bramwell

Caroline Bramwell - Book

Loo Rolls To Lycra - The Ironman Dreams Of An IBD Sufferer is the inspirational and insightful autobiography of Caroline Bramwell, a wife and mother who believed her life was going down the toilet, when she was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, an inflammatory bowel disease.  With an encyclopaedic knowledge of every public toilet, bush or tree to dive behind, and after numerous extreme dietary regimes, Caroline elected to have her large intestine removed, and to live with a permanent ileostomy.

A self-confessed couch potato, Caroline turned to sport after surgery, dispelling the medical profession’s ‘you can’t do that’ attitude by announcing her London to Paris 24-hour cycle ride.  Motivated to learn to swim by her children, her enthusiasm for triathlon was lit after meeting Ironman world champion, Chrissie Wellington.

Caroline has competed at all triathlon distances, including the full Ironman UK, and has become one of the UK’s leading ostomy triathletes.  Loo Rolls To Lycra is the epitome of the self-belief that anything is possible.


My Other Bag’s A Prada -

Quick and Dirty Tips for Surviving An Ileostomy

A. W. Cross

Amazon - Book

Amazon - Kindle

Living with an ostomy seems daunting, but it does not have to be.  Author and ileostomate, A. W. Cross, gives a first-hand, non-medical perspective of what to expect and how to cope successfully day-to-day.  

Through a straightforward blend of practicality and humour, an ostomate can learn the physical consequences and emotional impact of having an ostomy, how to choose an ostomy appliance and change a pouching system.  Also, how to deal with odour, leaks, skin irritation, eating tips, intimacy and much more. Whether a patient has just acquired an ileostomy or if they have had it for years - if an ostomate is determined to own it like a boss, this book is very relevant.


Left Holding The Bag -

Journey Of A Traveling Ostomate

Kristen Furlong

Amazon - Book

Travel with Kristin as she shares her heartfelt struggle with an unexpected and incurable disease.  From medical interventions, to the inevitable body-altering surgery that saved her life, Kristin is able to reveal her experience with the truth of her despair, and the humour that helped save her sanity.

Unwilling to allow her circumstances to rob her of the life she wants to live, Kristin forges on with her travelling, scuba diving and many other activities.

Her story is inspiring for anyone struggling with disease or who loves someone, who may be struggling. This is a story of hope, acceptance and the unexpected joy that comes from a second chance at life.