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Unwanted Baggage

Elizabeth Prosser

Philip Prosser

Amazon - Book

The book is designed as a resource tool for all ostomates.  It covers chapters on every aspect of ostomy life with all the relevant contacts, manufacturers, suppliers, associations, groups, websites and all kinds of information that could be relevant to those with differing stages of ostomies.

Yes We Can! -

Advice On Travelling With An Ostomy And Tips For Everyday Living

Barbara Kupfer

Kathy Foley-Bolch

Michelle Fallon Kasouf

W. Brian Sweeney

Amazon - Book


For people with ostomies, travelling may be an intimidating task.  Three ostomates and a surgeon have teamed up to prove that ostomy surgery does not have to affect their lifestyles.  

This pocket-sized reference guide explores issues beyond standard medical explanations, and shows that post-surgical travel is not only possible, it is easy.  The book includes stories from people all over the world about travelling with an ostomy, tips and advice about planning for and taking a trip, and many other hints and tips.  




You Have A Colostomy

Reviewers -

Kathleen Calitri Brown

Ellen Shipes

Bobbie Stallings

Amazon - Book

This warm, friendly and positive book eases patients into the adjustment of living with a colostomy, and sets just the right tone for such a sensitive topic.  It will help colostomates discuss types of colostomies, changing and emptying pouches, skin care, irrigation, sex and diet. Colourful illustrations help explain these issues easily.





Susie And Her Ileostomy

Shawn Fletcher

Blurb - Book

A story of courage and hope.

Susie is just one of millions of people in this world, who suffer from inflammatory bowel disease.  This book is a story about her struggles with having an ileostomy.



P - Z


Smiling In The Darkness

Isobel Bradley

Stomawise - Book

Amazon - Kindle

‘Smiling in the Darkness’ is the story of the persevering spirit of a woman in her courageous struggle against cancer.  Isobel Bradley’s journey is one that will inspire everyone to appreciate and embrace the greatest gift of all, the gift of life.

Isobel was first diagnosed with the life threatening disease when she was twenty-eight years old.  Over a decade later, her past traumas have returned to haunt her.  In this powerful story, Isobel’s determination shines through as she succeeds in living her life to the full.  Marked by near-death experiences, we read about her journey, ranging from skiing and white water rafting incidents through to major life saving surgery.  

Second Act -

Life After Colostomies And Other Adventures

Barbara Barrie

Amazon - Book

Actress Barbara Barrie discusses her battle with colon cancer and her colostomy with resolute optimism, frankness, remarkable candour and a sense of humour.  

The Rough Guide To Accessible Britain


Motability - Online

Motability - PDF

The Rough Guide to Accessible Britain is packed with over two hundred inspiring ideas for fantastic, worry-free days out with reviews, hints and tips on some of the UK’s best attractions, written by and for disabled people.

To make planning days out easier, entries are grouped into ten regional chapters with everything from Olympic venues to scenic drives and coastal towns.

Every review contains all the access information needed to enjoy a day out, including disabled parking, wheelchair access and more.


Stanley And Me Make Three -

From Powerlessness To Possibility, Life With An Ostomy

Jayne Prescott

Amazon - Book

Stanley And Me Make Three is a real-life story about taking a journey on the undiscovered path of illness, to its ultimate wellness, and to all of the pit stops in between.  Life is a series of stepping stones, as there are many trails to reaching the same destination.

This book aims to share Jayne’s candid experience with ostomates.  Her wish is that by knowing her, ostomates’ apprehensions about the ‘what ifs’ will become less of a hindrance and expectations for a better tomorrow will soar.

Positive Options For Living With Your Ostomy

Dr. Craig A. White

Amazon - Book

The book offers practical guidelines and emotional support for ostomy patients and their families.  It addresses all aspects of post-operative care.

Pretty Girl Blues -

An Autobiography

Jearlean Alston-Taylor

Amazon - Book

Jearlean Alston-Taylor - Book

Jearlean Alston-Taylor - PDF

Pretty Girl Blues is an autobiography of Jearlean’s life as a cancer survivor and life with two ostomies.  Her journey of unexpected challenges, struggling with low self-esteem, shame, insecurity and severe medical complications.  Often she questioned - why did I have to go through this sickness? The adversities, which she has overcome allowed her to inspire, encourage and uplift others.